Cost to quality of life - 17 years of suffering

The decision to invest in regeneration and attract clean industries to the Valleys has meant an improvement to the quality of life for people in local communities. This can be seen through improvements in health, an increase in skilled jobs and a range of environmental projects that have contributed to the ‘greening’ of the Valleys.â


Dirty CarThe Nant Llesg open cast mines could remain in operation for 17 years and the negative impact on quality of life of people living and working near them is rarely questioned – it just doesn’t always have a major bearing when planning authorities are making their decisions.

Although the developers will try to remove as much of the coal as possible by rail, the constant impact of site traffic will be felt across the whole region. Dust from open cast mines creates health issues for local people but impacts on our lives in many other ways.

As one UK energy expert recently admitted: “Residents who live near these mines experience terrible effects. Coal dust quickly dirties paintwork and washing, the noise of the blasting and traffic is constant and the environment is devastated by being ripped up.” David Thorpe, Energy & Environmental, Management Magazine